Mameks Textile



With over 30 years experience in READY MADE GARMENTS, Mameks has been well known with globally visionary outlook from FASHION to DESIGN, from PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT to SOURCING, from MANUFACTURING to JUST IN TIME DELIVERY. Our culture of innovation, continuous trendy collections, focusing on very fine details, product development are our driven forces for a long lasting impression.

Our products have been created with a dynamic and experienced design team with access to some of the most exiting fashion culture in the world. At the moment, we have bases in LONDON and ISTANBUL and have planning to be in NEW YORK and FAR EAST soon.

Mameks has been very well known in home and hospitality industry as a premium supplier of unique combination of products in BATH LINEN, BED LINEN and TABLE LINEN categories.

For premium products, please kindly visit our Mesele brand at for a unique shopping experience.

Our wide range of exclusive products for the bed, bath, table and spa created with luxurious materials and innovative techniques, positions us as a top provider in hospitality industry. Our products are engineered to last more in industry, create a more comfortable experience and durability. 

We focus on every small part of manufacturing process just like an artisan working on a custom made product for his/her special guest. We understand that a luxury guest satisfaction lies on a variety of parameters; our passion of creating sophisticated and outstanding innovative products will enhance optimum guest experience while exceeding their expectations.

We offer bath linen as towels, bathmats, bathrugs and bathrobes from 200gr/m2 up to 2000gr/m2 depending on product category and customer demands.All items can be offered as either 100% cotton or with blends such as modal, bamboo, tensel, linen.Our product range is not limited to terry or velour or waffle but extended to knitted and woven fabric combinations as well.

Our bedlinen range starts from TC144, TC200, TC250, TC300, TC350 and goes up to TC600. We also offer printed options durable for vat dyed and embellished products.

Tablelinen range covers table cloths, runners, napkins, standing coctail tablecovers, skirtings, all types of chair covers, conference tablecovers, aprons, bedding qualities for hotels, table protectors. 

All items can be offered with special treatments like, waterproof acyrylic coating, flame ratardancy, water resistant tratments in both; branded or non branded. Our Mesele brand is concentrated on high end premium gift market where every product is designed and created in a unique way with universal symbols and a real craftsman production.

Mameks believes in and support strict environmental protections; from the raw materials, processes, and anything related to our products are carefully made in green procedures.

With a variety of clients from Europe to Middle East to USA&Canada Mameks is ready to exceed the very demanding expectations of the consumer’s with our culture of innovation, excellency in quality standards and service beyond limits, and our vision of the future.